Employee Benefits Administration

Here’s How To Solve Your Employee Benefit Problems In The Next 5 Minutes 

If you don't understand the impact of health care reform on employee benefits, you're not only at risk for paying more for a plan that does less, but paying taxes and penalties for not following the "rules".

A lot has changed in employee benefits in a few short months. More importantly, a lot will continue to change in the next few months.

If you don't have an employee benefits consultant who is guiding you through these changes, there's much more at risk then paying a fine.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies, as a full service employee benefits broker with clients throughout the U.S., our goal is to design an employee benefit package to not just eliminate your confusion and satisfy lawmakers but provide value to you and your employees.

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Types Of Benefit Programs & Services

When designing your benefit package, there are thousands of options available. From choosing the right deductible in health insurance, deciding contribution structure, or selecting the investments in a 401(k).

There's obviously a lot at stake both legally and to satisfy employees.

 At Weiss Insurance Agencies, we specialize in helping you optimize the following employee benefits services.

  • Group Health Insurance - Innovative plan designs through all the major medical providers available.
  • Group Life Insurance - Very affordable group life insurance policies with flexible class systems and payment options.
  • Group Dental Insurance - Multiple programs from the top-rated dental insurance carriers, with the largest networks.
  • Group Short & Long Term Disability - Offering group, voluntary, and even executive programs at a very low rate
  • Qualified Retirement Plans & 401(K) Administration

Value Added Employee Benefits Administration Services

As an employee benefits consultant, It's not just our goal to provide you access to great products and affordable prices. At Weiss Insurance Agencies, the first day we partner together is just the first in many in which you'll benefit.

As a Weiss Insurance Agencies client, there's many value added services you'll get to take advantage of. Value added services that make your Employee Benefits program the best in your industry without adding administration costs.

  • Cobra Administration - We will help you stay in compliance with COBRA laws.
  • Enrollment Specialist - A structured enrollment process, allowing employees to see the value of your Health Benefits program. If necessary, we will have a bi-lingual enrollment specialist to aid any employee where English isn't their first language.
  • Data Analytics - So you know you're allocating your employee benefits budget optimally, which allows you to save costs and add value.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - We will help set up these tax advantages accounts, which offer tax savings to employees and employers.
  • Personalized Benefits Website - A personalized website your employees can access with access to admin forms, benefit highlight sheets, and much more.
  • Wellness Programs - Long term, wellness programs have shown to reduce employee benefit costs. We will work with you to design a wellness program that fits your needs. Programs can include blood draws, flu shots, employee education, and more.
  • HR Education - Our wellness newsletters and email broadcasts discuss timely HR topics, which includes step-by-step procedures and processes to save yourself time and satisfy legal requirements.

Free 30-Minute With Employee Benefits Specialist

Costs and administration of an Employee Benefits program are a significant expense. As an employer or HR Administrator you face the unique challenge of maintaining your cost, while still being able to attract top talent to work with you--all while keeping current employees happy.

Not exactly easy, right? 

Yet, with Weiss Insurance Agencies, as a full service employee benefits specialist, we've helped hundreds of businesses design an employee benefits program best in class, at a price they can afford.

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