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The Only Way Chicagoland Drivers Can Get 11 Companies To Bid On Their Auto 24 Hours

auto insuranceLooking for an affordable auto insurance quote in Illinois but lack the time to get multiple quotes from different companies?

As an independent insurance agent, Weiss Insurance Agencies provides you multiple prices from up to 11 A+ rated insurance companies, in less than 24 hours. So, you get quality car insurance at the lowest possible price.

Here's how it works. 

Once you complete the quote form above (by entering your zip code), we use our advanced quoting software that allows you to get multiple quotes in minimum time.

You save valuable time, you save money, and you get access to companies you can't otherwise.

In a few words, Weiss Insurance Agencies allows you to compare car insurance quotes in the simplest, most effective, and fastest way. 

The Importance of Car Insurance

If you've had the unfortunate experience of being involved in an accident, you understand the impact it has on you emotionally. 

While dealing with an accident emotionally is often hard, what you shouldn't have to deal with is the aftermath of an accident financially. That's what insurance is for.

Our goal is at Weiss Insurance Agencies is to not only make you whole again, financially, but be on your side emotionally as well. Be the person whose advice you can trust. Who is on your side.

Automobile Insurance: Your Protective Shield

What does a car insurance protect? Here are the basic parts of a policy:

  • Liability - Protects yourself if you are at fault for an accident. The two parts of liability are bodily injury, which covers you against medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The second part of a liability policy is property damage which provides coverage for the physical damage of the other car.
  • Collision - Coverage for your car due to damage by a collision, either from another vehicle or a collision with an object.
  • Comprehensive - If your car is damaged by anything other than collision with another vehicle. Such as a fire, theft, hail, etc...

Other protection includes:

  • Medical Payments if you have to pay on an injury for yourself or a passenger.
  • Emergency Road service if you are ever stranded in your vehicle.
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection. Just because the law says automobile insurance is mandatory, doesn't mean that everyone will have it.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies, we will give you more than just a price. We will show you all of your protection options, review your current policy limits, and ask the right questions to make sure you are receiving all of the discounts you are entitled to.

Car Insurance Carriers We Represent

We've partnered with the best insurance companies in Illinois to write your auto insurance. When you call Weiss Insurance Agencies, depending on your needs, we have the ability to quote your automobile insurance with the below companies:

Standard Illinois Vehicle Insurance Companies

  • Travelers
  • MetLife
  • Kemper
  • Hanover
  • Safeco
  • Progressive
  • Mercury
  • AAA

Specialty, Collectors, and High-End Illinois Automobile Insurance Carriers

  • Chubb
  • AIG's Private Client Group
  • Fireman's Fund
  • Hagerty
  • Crestbrook

What Areas Does Weiss Insurance Agencies Serve?

Weiss Insurance Agencies main office is located in Wayne, IL -- a small town between St. Charles, Elgin, Bartlett, and West Chicago. 

Our Wayne office has clients from all over Chicago land and Illinois, to Florida and all the way to California. Beyond providing affordable vehicle insurance in Chicago for generations, we're licensed in most states to serve our customers with 2nd homes or who have family who live out of state.

In addition, we specialize in the follow types of auto insurance:

Weiss Insurance Agencies, Your Illinois Car Insurance Expert

Protection is meaningless after the accident. And think of it. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

At Weiss Insurance Agencies we have protected the residents and business of Illinois since 1905. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right car insurance.

Avoiding accidents is not promised to you or anyone else. So, don't delay. Be prepared for life's misfortunes. Complete the Protection Savings Form now at the top of this page and let the professionals at Weiss Insurance Agencies forge a shield of protection over you.